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Hi there! We use priority flat rate shipping with the USPS. Sometimes the order calculates the correct box to use. Sometimes we can ship in a smaller box or envelope (for lip balm). If we can reliably ship for less, I will try to do so and refund you the difference. So if you get an email saying we refunded you some money, that's why!  We're not trying to make extra money on shipping. We charge you exactly what we pay. I try to ship by the next day (except if you order Friday night, then I'll wait until Monday...

What's happening on the farm

Christine Kocourek

Hi! Fall is a time to wind down on the farm. The goats are getting bred, the milking goats are drying up in preparation of having babies in January and February, the hay is in the barn, and the fields are fertilized. We use composted manure, not the liquid manure you often see injected into the ground so it doesn't smell. Our fields are upwind of us and there is nothing worse than having your fresh laundry smell like poo. Soon we will have 2 new additions to the farm, two young Nubian doe sisters from Stardom Farm. They will...

August is a busy month!

Christine Kocourek

The farm markets continue. We will be at On Broadway Farmers market in Green Bay on Wednesday nights and Port Washington and Sheboygan on Saturdays. Shanty Days in Algoma is coming up August 12 & 13th - you'll find us there instead of Port Washington that weekend. August 23 - 27 is the Manitowoc County Fair - we will be bringing 5 of our girls to the fair. Feel free to stop in and say hello - we won't be selling any product at the fair, just hanging out with the girls in the goat barn!

April doodlings

Christine Kocourek

Hi all - We're still waiting for one of our milk goats, Kenna, to have her babies. She is as a big as a house and groans every time she gets up but so far, no kiddos. We'll be weaning some of the early born kids soon and the boys will be off to their new 4-H families. One indoor farm market is left for us - Apr 15th - Sheboygan's market on Bluff Avenue across from Volrath Park. I will also be driving down to my aunt's coffee shop, Le Cafe Bistro in Waukesha, the end of the month...

Farmers markets this year

Christine Kocourek

We just found out that we will again be able to participate in the On Broadway Farmers Market on Wednesday nights in downtown Green Bay starting May 31st. Looks like we will be in the same spot as usual, across from BMO Harris, near Walnut Street. We will also be participating in the Sheboygan and Port Washington Farmers markets on Saturdays, starting in June.