Dog Shampoo Bar

Dog Shampoo Bar

We originally formulated this for client whose lab had flaky skin. We have dogs that accompany us everywhere on the farm and then sleep with us at night - this is our go-to bar when one of them decides to roll in a fresh cow pie or very un-fresh pile of who-knows-what.

The essential oils selected are also reputed to be disliked by fleas and ticks. Since our farm has free range chickens who eat all manner of bugs (and my tomatoes - evil birds), ticks aren't an issue here and we haven't personally tested it in a tick-infested area.

The raw milk is sourced from our pastured-raised goats.

Ingredients: soybean oil, olive oil, raw goat milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye),  shea butter, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, lavender, rosemary, tea tree, and cedarwood essential oils

Net wt: 4 oz / 113 g (Shh: most bars weigh more than this!)

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